No more trading restrictions. With our trading platform, your capabilities become superpowers. Single onboarding for access to multiple exchanges, aggregated trading, portfolio management, managed accounts, asset custody and instant funds transfers. An all-in-one solution to grow your investment performance.



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Create your own trading accounts to test your strategies, each of which has access to all supported crypto exchanges. With our flexible system of roles and access rights, you can connect users to trading accounts, while maintaining full control over your own funds.

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Owned accounts

The platform allows you to create your own trading accounts for testing strategies or for connecting external users. Each trading account has its own balance and access to supported exchanges.

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Managed accounts

In case an investor needs external account management for trading, portfolio analytics or fund management, check out our managed account system. Provide access to traders, analysts, portfolio managers or financiers. Connect customers to the platform and gain access to manage their assets.

Access permissions

Flexible system of granting access rights for managed trading accounts. Choose the available permissions for each user, add new users with different roles, connect as a manager to your clients' accounts.

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Discern accounts

Working with multiple trading accounts can be confusing. Therefore, we have provided a system of names and descriptions unique for each user for each account.

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Advanced tools for trading and analyzing public data for all trading pairs and assets. Real-time access to Level 1 and Level 2 data, user-friendly interface and familiar to many professionals charts and technical analysis tools by TradingView.

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Easy online onboarding from anywhere in the world, opening up unlimited possibilities for managing your digital assets. Universal access to more than 15 exchanges and OTCs from a single interface and the ability to trade more than 100 pairs and assets.

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Real-time data

Track the order book and trades history on any selected exchange in real time. The order book supports cumulative aggregation of trading volumes and precision levels for price orders.


TradingView price charts and technical analysis tools can be the main source of data for making investment decisions. A widget familiar to everyone, an indispensable assistant for graphical analytics, testing trading strategies, ideas and indicators.

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Balance Overview

The module for quick viewing of balances inside the trading terminal is used to review all available balances of currencies and assets for all exchanges within one trading account. You no longer need to switch to wallets, your balance is in front of your eyes.


Quickly buy or sell the assets you are interested in. Keep track of active and closed orders, see details and trades for each order, as well as commissions and statuses.

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Fast and convenient transfer of more than 20 cryptocurrencies between trading platforms and accounts from a single interface in a couple of clicks. Transferring funds and assets between exchanges should not cause inconvenience and time-consuming user actions.

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Between Exchanges

Transfer funds between exchanges in any of the available currencies without using hot wallets and unsafe apps. Complete freedom to move assets between trading floors. No more barriers.

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Between Accounts

Allocate your assets between your own or managed trading accounts. Within each account, you can move funds to specific exchanges.


Have control over all your transfers and transfers initiated by other users. The transparent accounting system displays all deposit, withdrawal and transfer transactions on the trading account.

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aggregated balance

Aggregated balance

Have a big picture of your balances across all accounts and trading platforms with visualization of the distribution of funds. Simple and effective detailing of the location of your assets for further work with them.

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Informative monitoring and analytics tools for each trading portfolio. Dashboard for a 360-degree view. Stay on top of all changes based on metrics, data visualizations and indicators of trading activity.

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Balance and trade charts

The charting system displays your current balance by currencies and placement sites, and also accumulates all your trades in the selected period for trading pairs and exchanges on which your orders were executed.

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Balance History

Track changes in your balance by day in currency equivalent for a specific period of time. We have provided a filtering system to display only the assets you need.

P&L History

Track the results of your trading activity based on the indicators of profit and loss over time. Daily and Cumulative P&L show the success of your trading strategies to improve them or make adjustments.

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Aggregated balance

Have a complete picture of your balances across all accounts and trading platforms with visualization of the distribution of funds. Track the change in the balance by the amount of assets and their currency value.

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Simplicity and speed are all you need for a successful investment. Freely deposit and withdraw funds in different assets or currencies. Single Broker provides a reliable institutional-grade custody storage for every user.

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Deposit and Withdraw

Deposit and withdraw funds in all supported cryptocurrencies. Institutional custodial service, insurance coverage for your deposits, automated AML and Compliance out of the box.

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quick exchange

Quick Exchange

Fund your trading account using payment cards with instant cryptocurrency exchange through our trusted partners. The easiest way to enter the decentralized asset market.


The security of our clients' funds and the constant protection of their capital is our top priority. We use market best practices and have integrated reliable custodian service providers to ensure mitigated risks.

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The trading platform allows you to make trades at one time on several trading venues, combining quotes and data from different exchanges. Next-generation user interface, layout customization, choice of light and dark themes, all asset data are always at hand.

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Light and Dark

Choose a user interface theme for less eye strain or aesthetic satisfaction. The color scheme of the environment can play a big role in day-to-day work.

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Custom layouts

Move drag-n-drop modules relative to each other, build your own interface and create a personal working environment that is convenient for you.


In the digital world, having a trading terminal in your pocket is not just a norm, but a necessity. Your mobile device becomes a powerful tool for professional asset and investment management.


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Everyone should have the opportunity to diversify their capital and develop financial expertise through modern technology in a transparent and secure environment.