The cryptocurrency market continues to grow, and professional asset management in this market is becoming more affordable, but more complicated. Different platforms and applications, lack of regulatory compliance, manual API key management and poor user experience. It looks complicated, unsafe, and most importantly, creates a high entry threshold and adoption for digital assets.

Market Challenges

  • Low level of trust
  • Lack of financial regulation
  • Extremely high counterparty risks
  • No capital protection
  • Liquidity problems

Inconsistency for Users 

  • Centralized Exchanges
  • Decentralized Exchanges
  • Hot & Cold Wallets
  • Web3 & DeFi Apps
  • Trading Tools
  • Portfolio Trackers
  • Interfaces & APIs



Our solution

Our solution

We took centralized and decentralized exchanges, added professional analytics tools and a flexible trading account management system. Mixed and tightly integrated into a single CeDeFi platform with unified software and user interfaces. Seasoned it with an institutional custodial vault with insurance coverage. Backed by a regulated Swiss company. In addition, we made our product free. There was no recipe, we thought about traders and investors.


Segregated Accounts

Create additional segregated accounts with separate trading activity, wallets, balances and portfolio analytics. Use them to test strategies or delegate access rights to other users. Each segregated account is connected to all exchanges out of the box without API key management. 

Access Permissions

Delegation of access rights requires fine tuning for the security of your funds. Keep permissions under control. Share access to your trading accounts with employees and other trusted individual or corporate Single Broker users. You choose what actions the manager can do and what not. 

Managed Accounts

Simple organization of work and client relations for funds, family offices, portfolio managers and individual traders. The Single Broker platform aims to provide a professional environment for your trading activity with client funds. All digital assets held in the investor account, who can track portfolio performance over time.

Institutional Groups

For corporate users, portfolio managers, funds and family offices, we have provided groups of employees for sub-sharing. Connect your traders, risk managers, compliance officers and other employees to managed accounts within the allowed access rights. 

Account Hints

Working with multiple segregated and managed accounts can be confusing. Therefore, we have provided a system of names and descriptions unique for each user for each account.

Centralized Exchanges

Each segregated account already has a connection to independent exchange sub-accounts. The choice of liquidity provider is up to you. No additional registrations, verifications or manual API keys management.

Decentralized Exchanges

Single Broker supports innovation and development of decentralized technologies. If a centralized exchange is not enough for you, get access to integrated AMM providers, select a network and make swaps.

Real-Time Data & Order Management

We did not reinvent the wheel, but we took the usual trading tools and adapted them for convenient work with several trading platforms. Full support for all trading pairs on exchanges, real-time Level 1 and Level 2 market data, TradingView tools, order management and trade reporting.

DeFi Tools

Swap, earn, stack yields, lend, and borrow through the Single Broker platform. A bridge to the world of decentralized finance, built with centralized security and investor protection in mind.

Aggregated Trading

We did not reinvent the wheel, but we took the usual trading tools and adapted them for convenient work with several trading platforms. Full support for all trading pairs on exchanges, real-time Level 1 and Level 2 market data, TradingView tools, order management and trade reporting.

Custodian Storage

The security of our clients' funds and the constant protection of their capital is our top priority. We use market best practices and have integrated reliable custodian service providers with insurance coverage to ensure mitigated risks.

Crypto Deposit / Withdraw

Deposit and withdraw funds in all supported cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Institutional grade custodial service, insurance coverage for your deposits, automated AML and Compliance.

Fiat Deposit / Withdraw

Fund your trading account with bank transfers or payment cards with instant cryptocurrency exchange through our trusted partners. This is the easiest way to enter the decentralized asset market.

Transfers Between Platforms

Transfer funds between exchanges in any available currency without the use of intermediate hot wallets and manual address management. You have complete freedom to move assets between trading venues from a single window.

Segregated / Aggregated Analytics

Track the portfolio performance of each segregated account. You can view aggregated portfolio analytics for all segregated or managed accounts. No need to use excel, smart sheets or external apps. 

Charts / Visualization

Data is the most significant thing for trading performance. Simple and accessible visualization of your portfolio data: charts for balances, trades, allocation of assets by platforms. Summary graphs of balance changes and historical PNL.

Aggregated Balance

Know everything about your assets. What, how much and on which exchange? The interface of the Single Broker platform was created with an emphasis on user awareness and data availability.


We understand the importance of tax and accounting reporting, especially for corporate clients. Therefore, the Single Broker platform will automatically generate a statement of your trading activity for each segregated or managed account.

UI Presets

Move drag-and-drop modules relative to each other, build your own interface and create a personal working environment that is convenient for you. Save presets and use preconfigured layouts on any device.


For advanced users, the platform offers a wide range of customization options. Create your own workspace for multiple displays. We are very familiar with how professional traders work. 

Mobile Adaptive

In the digital world, having a trading terminal in your pocket is not just a norm, but a necessity. Your mobile device becomes a powerful tool for professional asset and investment management.

Unified API

The Single Broker API allows you to access and build your own applications that interact with our trading platform. We have unified all requests and responses of exchanges and provide a powerful tool for institutional investors, algorithmic traders and fintech startups.

Small step to big change

Boost your digital asset trading performance with next-generation platform solution.