Single Broker combines the services of a brokerage and a trading platform in one innovative financial solution. Managing your crypto asset portfolio and daily trading operations, allocating between different exchanges, and keeping your assets in safe custody have never been so easy. Explore the product's advantages that provide access to top-rated centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Once you complete a single registration procedure and verify your account, you no longer have to register on every new exchange. You are here, which means that the exhausting search for a trustworthy crypto hub is finally complete.

Our product solves the actual problems of different people from the modern world of digital finance.

“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”

Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin

When we realized the needs of institutional investors, we decided to create a financial product that meets the high requirements of transparency, security and best practices, borrowed from the established brokerage industry in the world of classical finance.

Single Broker offers a brokerage service, a trading platform, and a unified API for accessing financial markets and crypto-assets. The company operates in a Swiss jurisdiction with local licensing as a financial services provider.

How Do Our Solutions Benefit Your Trading Activity? 

Single Broker is one of the first financial cryptocurrency hubs present on the market. We offer single-point onboarding and access to 15+ trading platforms through the convenient universal interface. No more additional registrations on exchanges or troubles while using API keys! You will get access to the full functionality and liquidity of the crypto market.

We are proud to provide our clients with a rich selection of trading and technical analysis tools, along with the lowest possible applicable fees. Take advantage of an opportunity to conduct an extensive analysis of your portfolio, assets, trading activity, and shifts in balance. You will be able to analyze the specific time period and get a visual overview of all platforms via one window.

Our company has implemented role-based account access rights for security reasons. To put it simply, we do everything to protect the funds of our clients. Thus, you can opt for connecting professional traders to your trading accounts, but with a limited number of rights to keep your funds safe. So, they won’t be able to withdraw your funds.

You can also become a portfolio manager yourself and help other platform users efficiently manage their assets. In the nearest future, you will be able to explore other benefits of the platform, such as social trading, copy trading, and an agile trading strategies marketplace.

We do our best to ensure the fastest transfers of funds between the exchanges and keep the transaction and trading fees reasonably low. You can choose among the great variety of crypto- and fiat currencies — we will take care of the convenience and speed of all operations, including asset allocation. All these procedures are performed inside the system without resorting to external applications, interfaces, exchanges, and wallets.

We facilitate full support for bank transfers and payment cards. Single Broker makes it easy for its clients to access their digital assets risk-free. The liquidity of the decentralized market and all its features, plus the simplified process of currency exchange, will be at your disposal.

Our product is based on the unified API that enables access to different crypto-asset markets and exchanges. Therefore, you no longer need to hire in-house developers to maintain internal processes or manage other exchange APIs.

We work in compliance with international licensing and business standards. The Single Broker team has years of relevant experience from the rapidly changing world of finance, including extensive expertise in banking, trading, and financial products, maintenance of high-load systems, big data processing, etc. This background enabled us to create the one-of-a-kind platform, which exploits the best practices and features of classic brokerages and financial services.

Using our services, investors can ensure that their capitals, deposits, and custodian assets are fully protected by professional liability insurance. Every client is provided with the safety custody of institutional standards by default. Our main priority is the protection of the funds that were entrusted to our platform.

Who is it for?

Our trading platform and professional brokerage service are suitable for a wide range of clients from retail to institutional investors. We try to take into account the desires and needs of each user, offering individual solutions for each digital assets market participant.

Institutional investors

For institutional investors who want to trade in large volumes, have a reliable regulated brokerage provider and not worry about funds safety.
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Banks & SMEs

For financial institutions, if you need aggregated liquidity and the best execution, as well as trading accounts management and access rights.
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Funds & Portfolio Managers

Everyone who manages client funds has access to a flexible system of access rights and advanced analytics of trading portfolios.
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Family Offices

Insured custodial storage, unified access to digital asset market and fiat deposits - everything that was available to big players is now available to you.
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Traders & Investors

Performance improvement with better conditions. Single interface for trading, transfers between platforms, segregated portfolios, convenience and security. Learn more

Algorithmic Traders

Single unified API for centralized and decentralized exchanges. No more resource-intensive software development and maintenance.
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