Family offices analyze the dynamics of financial markets to manage their own assets and the capital of investors simultaneously. However, family offices often face problems caused by their need to use disparate tools for asset trading and analysis of trading activities. It significantly complicates their work and increases the overhead costs of the business. Single-family and multi-family offices have a long planning horizon and a high-risk tolerance. That’s the main reason why they become more interested in alternative financial instruments: cryptocurrencies and investments in blockchain technology companies. 

The process of institutionalization of the digital asset market has just begun to gain momentum. Current trends prompt family offices to adapt to the swiftly changing situation in the world of finance. Therefore, they must adopt portfolio diversification strategies to reduce their dependence on the failed traditional financial system that endlessly inflates the money supply. Family offices tend to focus on the long-term preservation of wealth. That’s why they have to apply only these technological financial solutions that are protected from inflation, thus increasing the liquidity over time.

Digital assets constitute a new class of financial instruments designed to take an important place in the portfolio of any family office. Diversification, weak correlation with other financial assets, and liquidity are the essential qualities of cryptocurrencies that speak for their full integration into the digital economy.

Single Broker provides a single interface for asset management with a flexible system of accounts, which family offices can easily administer. The users of our trading platform can create their own trading accounts to test various strategies and provide access to these accounts to others (with a specific set of rights). It’s also possible to access the trading account of already registered clients. A flexible system of access rights eliminates the problem of trust issues for the investors. If the owner of a trading account does not like the results of the portfolio manager’s work, they can revoke access for a user at any time.

“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”

Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin

With the Single Broker solution, family offices can track the current status of their portfolios with the help of main trading activity indicators. Therefore, they have complete flexibility in monitoring and analysis. Our inter-exchange transfer system represents an additional advantage, as users can quickly transfer funds between different trading platforms without registering on each of them. It’s a fantastic opportunity to gain access to the overall market liquidity at the best asset price.

Family offices look for credibility and stability. The problem is that the crypto market has very few reliable counteragents capable of meeting these needs. That’s when Single Broker steps up, as the platform offers a wide range of attractive features:

Swiss regulated financial company. Safety comes first, especially for family offices that work for the sake of the next generations. Single Broker operates under international laws and has the funds of its investors insured and protected.

Single-point onboarding. Once registered, a family office won’t have to pass any additional verification procedures in order to access a trading platform or an exchange. All the tools will be available upon a one-time registration.

Aggregated liquidity. Having assessed several exchanges through a single window, a family office can choose among many offers and pick the most favorable price.  

Versatile system of management. Single Broker’s clients can build their own working environment on the platform by creating several subaccounts with customized access rights and appointing a supervisor for each account. 

Universal API. Family offices don’t have to keep a separate development team for maintaining APIs of different exchanges and trading platforms. Single Broker has their back covered by providing a universal API, enabling seamless fund transfers between the exchanges registered on the platform via a single window. 

Convenient payment system. Family office managers can choose a suitable payment method (wire transfer, card payment, etc.)

The Story of Anna

Portfolio Manager

Anna is a member of a team that helps other people manage their funds and crypto assets efficiently. Any financial activity always poses specific challenges, which may emerge, for instance, when one has to register or work on several exchanges or if there is a need to keep clear records of money entrusted to them by the clients.

“My team and I had to put our trust in several exchanges, with some of them being governed by questionable jurisdictions or not being licensed at all (e.g., Binance). The lists of the available cryptocurrencies change rapidly, not to mention that exchanges never bear any responsibility to their users.

Creating an account on Single Broker was probably one of my best decisions so far. I will try to explain why.

  • Single Broker is a universal financial hub that provides access to several trading platforms at once.
  • Here, I could create an unlimited number of subaccounts and spread the funds of our clients between them. My team and I were given an opportunity to test different trading strategies in separate subaccounts. Each user can work in their own environment tailored for their needs, with access to a wide range of exchanges and helpful trading tools.

Single Broker indeed serves as a versatile marketplace for funds and portfolio managers. I could either connect to the accounts of the clients who are already registered on the platform or ask my clients to register on Single Broker so that I can work with their assets most comfortably and securely. The client has to register themselves, pass the KYC procedure, and then provide their trading manager with access. Our clients grant us limited access to their accounts to manage (trade) their funds, but we are not allowed to deposit or withdraw money. And now for the icing on the cake: your money will always be protected and covered by insurance.

  • Another big plus that I noted is the unified API. A universal API significantly simplifies the process of communication with an exchange, but what’s more important — you do not have to hire a development team in order to maintain the API of each exchange.
  • One can also consider other tariffs available on Single Broker, for instance, those that offer aggregated liquidity (collection and analysis of prices from different sources) or a transfer system that enables you to quickly move funds from one exchange to another through a single multi-modular window. P.S. I was pleasantly surprised with lower brokerage fees compared to the exchange ones.”


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