Institutional investors who have to manage large amounts of capital and invest considerable sums of money into traditional assets are forced to comply with a wide range of business regulations, financial reporting rules, and other applicable laws. Additionally, they have to master their risk management, as working with the company’s money flows assumes a high level of responsibility. Imagine what happens when large companies try to enter the cryptocurrency market: they struggle to find a reliable counterparty to conduct transactions or manage their multiple digital assets.

There are many platforms present in the decentralized market. Still, most of them have weak legal regulation, lack security, trustworthy licensing, and don’t have any control over financial services providers. The world of classical financial assets has been developing its regulatory policies for hundreds of years. It took a little more than ten years for the digital economy to legalize and adopt decentralized solutions and brand-new types of financial tools.

All these factors hinder institutional investors from safely and smoothly assessing the cryptocurrency market, even though it promises attractive portfolio diversification options and trading risk hedging.

The segmented market liquidity is another significant problem present on many trading platforms: traditional or decentralized exchanges, OTC platforms, and P2P platforms. Major market players just can’t invest large amounts without affecting the current price of the respective trading asset. The price slippage is triggered by the limited liquidity of the financial instrument. Trying to find the solution, institutional investors often register on several trading platforms; however, this is not the best option, as it increases operating costs and elevates counterparty risks.

One shouldn’t forget how complex the process of investing in cryptocurrencies is, compared to the classic financial market procedures. Exchanging fiat funds to crypto-assets is complicated by such factors as varying banking regulations, tax policies, and greater demands on the counterparty, which has to conduct transactions on behalf of the investor.

“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”

Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin

When we understood the needs of institutional investors, we made up our minds to create the most comprehensive financial product and succeeded in that. Single Broker was designed to meet the high standards of large companies. We offer transparency, security, and all the best practices borrowed from the well-established industry of classical finance.

Institutional investors usually have extensive expertise both in technical and fundamental analysis related to the classical financial market. As cryptocurrency finally became legalized in trustworthy jurisdictions, many large players started to pay attention to the crypto market. However, all of the issues mentioned above made it difficult for them to find a solution that will have:

  • Single access to crypto liquidity
  • Credible regulation
  • Trustworthy jurisdiction
  • Funds’ insurance
  • Beneficial prices
  • User-friendly interface

Let’s imagine an institutional investor comes across the Single Broker CeDeFi platform. 

What will they get?

Aggregated liquidity and single-point onboarding. There is no need to register on multiple exchanges - you can assess all of them in one place via a user-friendly interface. More importantly, the platform analyzes and displays offers from all the sources so that clients can choose the most suitable one, or use the best execution through aggregated trading.

Straightforward system of rights and roles. Create subaccounts, appoint assignees and provide them with limited or full access to the client’s funds. You can assign a separate account to each client following their needs.

Swiss financial regulation and 100% security. Switzerland has cryptocurrency fully legalized. The Single Broker platform is licensed in Switzerland as a cryptocurrency service provider as a member of a regulated SRO; therefore it fully complies with all applicable international laws and regulations regarding the cryptocurrency market. Institutional-grade cold custodial storage protects client funds by providing insurance coverage against cyber attacks and fraud.

The Story of Michael

Crypto Hedge Fund

Michael is working in a collective investment fund that has already been presented in the traditional financial market for a long time. His company has profound expertise in technical and fundamental analysis, which is why his clients are not afraid to entrust to him considerable sums of money to invest in stocks and bonds. When cryptocurrency became legalized in many trustworthy jurisdictions, and the company focused its attention towards the promising crypto market, Michael had to think about how to start working with crypto assets. He had to decide what would become the entry point so that the company could seamlessly operate in the cryptocurrency market as well. 

“When I had to choose among several counter-agents, I considered only those that possessed all of the following characteristics:

  • A reliable license
  • Deposit insurance
  • Favorable prices
  • Safe jurisdiction
  • Ease of use

The problem was that the crypto market lacks credible counter-agents that can fully meet our needs. Another headache is that the larger size of investments can significantly influence the current situation of the respective market. If an institutional investor happens to own the market depth on the chosen exchange, the prices can go up when the order is being executed.

With all of the above mentioned in mind, I was lucky enough to come across the Single Broker solution. The platform seems to address quite a range of pressing issues:

Single onboarding and aggregated liquidity. The Single Broker platform provides access to several exchanges in one place, so I don’t have to register on any other platform. I can also choose the most favorable offer for my company or my clients.

Advanced management. I was impressed with the straightforward system of rights and roles — I could create subaccounts, appoint supervisors, and grant different access levels for every portfolio manager. This system helps us manage the funds of our clients more effectively, as we can create a separate account for every client and tailor it to their needs.

Swiss regulation. I was SO surprised to learn that Switzerland, the financial capital of the world, has cryptocurrency fully legalized. The platform complies with all applicable international laws and regulations. Single Broker platform uses a smart clearing system with exchange platforms that ensures funds never leave the custodial cold storage. That means our funds are 100% safe, and I don’t have to worry about any kind of fraud.

Top-notch security. While working with large amounts, you might want some extra insurance to cover your back — just in case. It’s nice to know that all of our crypto assets on Single Broker are covered by insurance.

Universal API. I have never thought a unified API could make my life so much easier. Not only does it provide free access to all the exchanges available on the platform and enable smooth fund transfers between them, but it also lets you do it in one and the same window.

Various types of payments. I could opt for paying via a fiat wire transfer. That’s a great entry point to start working with crypto assets when you don’t have cryptocurrency funds yet — convenience at its finest.”


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