Private investors and traders are constantly looking for new ways to increase their capital with the help of promising financial assets. Due to the market heterogeneity and the segmentation of financial instruments on various trading platforms, one must create several accounts on different exchanges. Thus, investors gain access to transactions with a particular asset and can analyze the prices of assets to choose the most attractive one.

To trade on crypto exchanges, investors and traders have to pass a KYC verification during each registration, generate multiple cryptocurrency wallets, distribute funds between different accounts, and use unbeneficial trading terminals with huge fees. Additionally, they have to be content with limited exchange liquidity and the absence of any financial guarantees on the exchange's side.

“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”

Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin

Working with different platforms brings certain risks, as there are significant differences in user interfaces and processes of working with data. Investors may face problems such as regular changes of addresses, the need to use intermediate wallets, and possible errors in addresses that can cause money loss when depositing and withdrawing funds. When investors think about allocating funds to exchanges, additional financial expenses emerge due to the high exchange fees for transfers and commissions from blockchain networks.

Single Broker clients need to pass verification only once; then, they have access to all trading venues and decentralized exchanges that are present on the platform. Other benefits they get are low trading commissions, fast asset and fund transfers, complete capital protection, and a unified API solution.

Imagine you want to buy a brand new token that is not yet being mass-produced. The token is sold for Ethereum. That means you will have to register on a new exchange to buy it. Then, you need to buy Bitcoin for fiat currency and register on yet another exchange to buy Ethereum for Bitcoin.

Having Ethereum in your wallet, you can finally buy the token. Still, the troubles are far from over, as you need to create a new wallet to upload the token there. Single Broker acts as an efficient solution to save you from this exhausting series of actions.

  • You need to complete a one-time registration and pass a KYC verification only once. Then, you will have access to all exchanges registered on the platform. That means you can exchange any cryptocurrency in one place.
  • You will be able to easily manage your money, as well as the funds of your family. All you need to do is create an account on the platform and replenish your account balance through any convenient payment method. Your family will have to do the same thing but provide you with access to their account if they decide to entrust their money to you. Moreover, they can set certain limitations, for instance, allowing you to trade but banning you from withdrawing or depositing funds.

If you want to test different investment strategies on several exchanges, you won’t have to explore and get used to each platform's interface. The unified API solves this problem for you. You only need to enter your request in a single window for the data from all the sources to be pulled up automatically.

The Story of Alex

Individual Trader

“I used to trade on three separate exchanges, meaning I had to complete three registrations and pass three verifications procedures to get access to them. Whenever I needed to transfer funds from one exchange to another, I had to pay huge commissions on both the exchange and the intermediate wallet.

When I made up my mind to buy a token that had not been listed on any of the exchanges that I used, it turned out that I would have to register on yet another exchange to buy it. I’m more than sure that you are tired just reading this, but that’s nearly the end… I also had to look for the exchange through which I could buy Bitcoin for fiat currency, and then I had to transfer BTC to another exchange in order to buy the asset I needed.

I was fed up with all this running, so I began looking for a solution that would save me from any unnecessary, exhausting actions. After some time, luck was finally on my side — I found the Single Broker platform.

  • I had to complete a one-time registration procedure. After that, I got access to all the exchanges available on the platform. I no longer needed to register on each platform in order to buy and sell cryptocurrency on different exchanges.

  • I could easily manage my brother’s money, as he had also become interested in the growth potential of the cryptocurrency market. He didn’t have experience managing investments and assets, so he created an account on Single Broker, replenished it with fiat currency through a bank transfer, and granted me access to his account. He also set certain limitations: I could not withdraw or deposit funds, but I could trade — which is precisely what we needed at that moment. My wife also asked me to manage her assets, but she gave me much more flexibility, so I could trade, deposit, and withdraw. By the way, she was able to deposit fiat currency with a bank card, which means we have options here. She could also view a report on the activity in her account at any time.
  • When I wanted to test algorithmic strategies on several exchanges, I didn’t have to spend hours getting used to the programming interface of each of them. Specifically, it was truly problematic for me to maintain the APIs of the three exchanges which I used to trade on, as I don't have a strong technical background. I am just a trader, so getting used to different APIs was really annoying and time-consuming. The unified API of the Single Broker platform did all of this work for me. All I needed to do was enter my request in one window; the data from all exchanges registered on the platform was pulled up automatically. Magic!”


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