Single solution for banks and insurance companies

The cryptocurrency market, which is growing inexorably in terms of capitalization, is attractive for financial institutions given the increased potential for profit and opportunities to hedge trading risks, but the strong volatility and lack of transparent counterparties make it inaccessible to banks and insurance companies. Finding a reliable and transparent counterparty, a provider of financial services for cryptocurrency trading, is a non-trivial task for an emerging market.

solutions banks and insurance It is worth noting that crypto exchanges that offer direct customer service in terms of trading cryptocurrency assets are often subject to hacks and attacks by intruders. In this regard, the most significant examples are cases of hacking and theft of funds on the Mt.Gox, Binance, Bitfinex, Bithumb and Bitstamp exchanges. Unfortunately, due to the weak legal regulation of the market and the lack of investor protection mechanisms, users' funds are not insured, and the lack of insurance and guarantees does not allow financial companies to use crypto exchanges for asset management. The funds of Single Broker clients are insured and legally protected, the funds do not leave the cold custodial storage when trading on platforms. Single Broker assumes counterparty risk, protecting the client's capital.

Another significant problem is the segmented market liquidity across a variety of trading platforms: exchanges, OTC platforms, decentralized exchanges, exchangers, and P2P platforms. Large players in the market can not make a deal with a large number of funds without affecting the current price of the trading asset due to the limited liquidity of the financial instrument, which will certainly lead to price slippage. The solution in this situation can be the orchestration of many trading platforms, but this multiplies the operating costs and counterparty risks.

Single Broker has developed a multifunctional trading platform that will suit large financial organizations. Among the advantages of Single Broker product are:

  • Single onboarding and access to 15+ trading platforms
  • Aggregated liquidity of crypto assets and best price execution
  • Business process transparency and licensing
  • Managed client accounts and a flexible system of access rights
  • Investor capital protection and professional liability insurance
  • Tools for monitoring and analyzing trading portfolios

Single Broker provides a tool that combines traditional and digital assets, which opens up more investment opportunities for banks and insurance companies. As an institutional client, you get a reliable and transparent regulated counterparty, a single entry point to cryptocurrency trading platforms and aggregated liquidity, favorable commissions and the best execution of trading orders, management of your own and client trading accounts.


Free access to decentralized assets

The Single Broker removes barriers before entering the cryptocurrency market, creating a secure and transparent environment for working with digital assets. Our trading platform helps institutional investors to deposit fiat funds by bank transfer, quickly allocate funds to exchanges, and perform trading operations in more than 300 trading pairs on more than 15 trading platforms, including centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as over-the-counter platforms.

One Time onboarding for access to multiple trading venues


NO SPREADS NO hidden fees

$20 000 000 deposit insurance coverage

Capital protection

The Single Broker team is constantly striving to ensure maximum stability and security of customer funds, which is why we provide deposit insurance and institutional level custodial storage for each user. The Single Broker uses a clearing system with exchange platforms, so your funds do not leave the custodial cold storage and remain completely safe.

Aggregated liquidity and best execution

For transactions with large funds market liquidity is mandatory to execute the transaction to be executed without financial losses for the initiator. On each individual exchange the liquidity is formed by the participants of such an exchange in a limited amount for each trading instrument, which can lead to an imbalance of orders and strong price slippages. As part of the aggregated liquidity functionality, Single Broker combines quotes from liquidity providers (exchanges and OTC platforms) into a single data stream, allowing a trader to place a single trading request on many trading platforms, collecting the best prices when buying or selling an asset.

15+ Trading venues in single data stream

Up to 5% More favorable price for transactions with assets

Small step
to big change

Everyone should have the opportunity to diversify their capital and develop financial expertise through modern technology in a transparent and secure environment.