Single solution for family offices

Family offices analyze the dynamics of financial markets and manage their own assets and the capital of investors in a close circle. In their work, family offices often face the problems of disparate tools for asset trading and analysis of trading activities, which complicates the work and increases the overhead costs of the business. Worldwide, family offices are increasingly interested in alternative financial instruments, cryptocurrencies, and investments in blockchain technology companies. This is primarily due to the long planning horizon and the high risk tolerance of single-family and multi-family offices.

The processes of institutionalization of the digital asset market are just beginning to gain momentum. Current trends are prompting family offices to increasingly adopt portfolio diversification strategies in order to reduce their dependence on the failed traditional financial system and the endless inflating of the money supply. Family offices are focused on the long-term preservation of wealth for generations and can already apply technological financial solutions that are protected from inflation and increase the amount of liquidity from year to year.

“The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”
- Satoshi Nakamoto, Creator of Bitcoin

Digital assets as a new class of financial instruments are designed to take a more important place in the portfolio of family offices. Diversification, lack of correlation with other financial assets and liquidity are the most important qualities of cryptocurrencies for full integration into the digital economy.

Single Broker provides a single interface for asset management with a flexible system of accounts, which can be easily administered by family offices. The trading platform offers the ability to create your own trading accounts for testing strategies, provide access to such accounts to other users with a certain set of rights or access the trading account of an already registered client. A flexible system of access rights eliminates the problem of trust for the investors' part: at any time, the owner of a trading account can restrict access to it if he does not like the results of the portfolio manager.

On our platform, family offices can track the status of portfolios by the main indicators of trading activity, which provides flexibility in monitoring and analysis. An additional advantage can be our inter-exchange transfer system, whereby the user can quickly transfer funds between trading platforms, gaining access to the overall market liquidity and the best asset price.

Single Broker has developed a multifunctional trading platform that will suit large financial organizations. Among the advantages of Single Broker product are:

  • Single onboarding and access to 15+ trading platforms
  • Aggregated liquidity of crypto assets and best price execution
  • Business process transparency and licensing
  • Managed client accounts and a flexible system of access rights
  • Investor capital protection and professional liability insurance
  • Tools for monitoring and analyzing trading portfolios


One Time onboarding for access to multiple trading venues

Free access to decentralized assets

The Single Broker removes barriers before entering the cryptocurrency market, creating a secure and transparent environment for working with digital assets. Our trading platform helps institutional investors to deposit fiat funds by bank transfer, quickly allocate funds to exchanges, and perform trading operations in more than 300 trading pairs on more than 15 trading platforms, including centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as over-the-counter platforms.

Aggregated liquidity and best execution

For transactions with large funds market liquidity is mandatory to execute the transaction to be executed without financial losses for the initiator. On each individual exchange the liquidity is formed by the participants of such an exchange in a limited amount for each trading instrument, which can lead to an imbalance of orders and strong price slippages. As part of the aggregated liquidity functionality, Single Broker combines quotes from liquidity providers (exchanges and OTC platforms) into a single data stream, allowing a trader to place a single trading request on many trading platforms, collecting the best prices when buying or selling an asset.

15+ Trading venues in single data stream

Up to 5% More favorable price for transactions with assets

trading deposit/withdraw trading deposit/withdraw

Flexible trading account system

Create your own trading accounts and grant limited access to view your portfolio to clients or get permission to issue trading orders and financial transactions on the trading accounts for already registered clients.

Portfolio analytics tools

Single Broker provides advanced portfolio analytic tools, assembled in a single interface and tailored to the needs of professional traders and portfolio managers. There is no longer a need to use third-party applications or be content with the limited functionality of trading analytics on each individual exchange.

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Small step
to big change

Everyone should have the opportunity to diversify their capital and develop financial expertise through modern technology in a transparent and secure environment.