Single solution for private investors and traders

In an effort to increase their capital, private investors and traders are actively looking for promising financial assets. Due to the heterogeneity of the market and the segmentation of financial instruments on different trading platforms, you have to use several accounts on different exchanges to gain access to transactions with a particular asset or for the most attractive price for the asset.

To trade on crypto exchanges, investors and traders need to pass KYC during each registration, generate the necessary cryptocurrency wallets, send funds to different accounts, use unproductive trading terminals, be content with limited exchange liquidity and lack of financial guarantees from the exchange.

Working with different platforms carries the risk of making mistakes, both due to differences in user interfaces and when working with data. When depositing and withdrawing funds, investors may face problems such as regular changes of addresses, the use of intermediate wallets, and possible errors in addresses that can cause money loss. When there is a question of allocating funds to exchanges, high exchange fees for transfers and commissions from blockchain networks can lead to additional financial expenses for the user.

Single Broker clients only need to pass verification once, after which they will have access to all trading venues and decentralized exchanges that are connected to the platform, as well as low trading commissions, fast asset and fund transfers, capital protection and a unified API.

Single Broker is a single entry point to the digital asset market

Monitoring trading portfolios can be a difficult task if funds are held on different exchanges. This complicates the analysis and can lead to errors or forces the user to use third-party services and applications. Traders can easily manage all their portfolios without switching between exchanges, conduct detailed analytics and quickly make transactions with assets through Single Broker interface.


  • binance


  • huobi

    Huobi Global

  • bitfinex


  • bittrex


  • okex


  • hitbtc


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  • coinbase

    CoinBase Pro

  • gateio

  • gemini


  • bitmex


  • binance futures

    Binance Futures

  • huobi futures

    Huobi Futures


  • nyse


  • nasdaq


  • forex


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  • cme


Single Broker has developed a multifunctional trading platform that will suit large financial organizations. Among the advantages of Single Broker product are:

  • Single onboarding and access to 15+ trading platforms
  • Aggregated liquidity of crypto assets and best price execution
  • Business process transparency and licensing
  • Managed client accounts and a flexible system of access rights
  • Investor capital protection and professional liability insurance
  • Tools for monitoring and analyzing trading portfolios


One Time onboarding for access to multiple trading venues

Free access to decentralized assets

The Single Broker removes barriers before entering the cryptocurrency market, creating a secure and transparent environment for working with digital assets. Our trading platform helps institutional investors to deposit fiat funds by bank transfer, quickly allocate funds to exchanges, and perform trading operations in more than 300 trading pairs on more than 15 trading platforms, including centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as over-the-counter platforms.

Flexible trading account system

Create your own trading accounts and grant limited access to view your portfolio to clients or get permission to issue trading orders and financial transactions on the trading accounts for already registered clients.

portfolio view trading deposit withdrawal

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Analytics tools

Single Broker provides advanced portfolio analytic tools, assembled in a single interface and tailored to the needs of professional traders and portfolio managers. There is no longer a need to use third-party applications or be content with the limited functionality of trading analytics on each individual exchange.

Small step
to big change

Everyone should have the opportunity to diversify their capital and develop financial expertise through modern technology in a transparent and secure environment.